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Net Energy Analysis and Political Economy   This has a few documents that are found elsewhere.  This was my protest regarding the people who grabbed   This was my principal website for many years and has most of my earlier work only some of which is worth reading.   This is where I write down anything new that occurs to me.  That includes new ways to explain the parts that few people understand.   This was a practice shot to get into the Wikipedia.  I now have a better idea of what to say.  After all, dematerialism is a limiting case.  It is on the boundary of the space of all possible political and economic systems.  It should be in the Wikipedia.   This is where I say the most important things about sustainability – against all odds and in the face of strong opposition.   Sometimes my frustration shows.  This stuff can be found elsewhere.  Someday, I’ll make it a “quick start” guide to dematerialism.





Tom Wayburn
Houston, Texas