To Do

Entropy paper:  from thermodynamics, from information theory, from statistical mechanics, directly from Hamiltonian mechanics (One version to stand alone, another to replace material in appendix on thermodynamics in On the Preservation of Species.)   

Prove or disprove MPP using Campisi's methods

Clean garage and office
Experiments with styrene and brass pipe racks and tank car and tank truck subplatforms.

Finish soldering railing and remove from board

Fill out jazzandclassical web spaces.
Tell story of my experience with important people.  In short, be a Boswell to a world of Johnsons.

Check remaining quarter inch audio tapes in my possession.
Get back with Mark Linn. 

Exercise.   Read Galaxy manual.  Read JMRI tutorials and other DCC material.

Set up DCC control of a home layout created from interchangeable Free-MoN modules.

Finish scenicking Free-MoN modules with refinery.

Make a second draft of my book. Especially revise the chapters that most need it.  Try to make a concise rendering of dematerialism in plain speech.

Prepare a list of the World Net Petroleum Production figures beginning at 1980 (or earlier).



Build computer.
Visit Mark and Sheila


To gain international recognition as a railroad modeler possibly leading to Master Model Railroader degree.
To achieve universal recognition of ERoEI* as the sole criterion for sustainability.
To achieve universal understanding of which provisions can be relaxed for (a) quasi-sustainability and (b) feasibility.
To achieve universal acceptance of the provisos of Dematerialism as the only hope for the survival of civilized human society.
To produce a decent digital representation of the music recorded in private jam sessions at 100 Avenue C, Jackson Street in Brooklyn, and 821 6th Avenue
To acquire enough knowledge of theoretical physics including quantum mechanics to do meaningful research.

March 13, 2017