Specialized Sub-Domains for Dematerialism, Energy, and Education; Net Energy; Jazz and Classical Music; and Model Railroading

Dematerialism and Energy (with a short section on education)

                   Dematerialism and Energy

                   The section on education in the above

                   Dematerialism (wiki)

                   Spontaneous Thoughts on Dematerialism, Energy, and Education

                   Dematerialism and Energy  This website was generously donated so that I could keep an exact copy of dematerialism.net; but, I find it difficult to keep it up-to-date.


Net Energy

Energy Returned over Energy Invested

Energy Returned over Energy Invested (blog)



Jazz and Classical Music

Jazz and Classical Music (blog)

Jazz and Classical Music (wiki)



Model Railroading

Railroad Modeling, Track Plans, and Model Railroad Photography

Model Railroading Wiki


Social Media


              http://www.chron.com/commons/persona.html?newspaperUserId=TomWayburn   The photos have captions for a big change.

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Miscellaneous Unlinked

Dropbox, WordPress, Google, the Wikipedia, SBC Global, and especially Just Passin’ Thru have generously supplied web space for my interests.  I cannot afford the time and effort it would take to keep up with all of them.

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September 11, 2013