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I still haven’t much to say about myself except that “I am what I am”.  Lately, I have been asked about my background, therefore I provide this link to a  résumé from 1997.


If you google on “Thomas L. Wayburn”, you might find a few postings to the physics teacher’s list server, Phys-L.  To find such contributions as I may or may not have made to music one must google “Tom Wayburn” or to find the record I made with Lennie Tristano google “Tom Weyburn”, a misspelling that is par for the course in the recording industry.  (Click on http://dematerialism.net/tristano.mp3 if you are interested to hear how I play.  Lennie, of course, is a genius.)  To find references to one or two of my journal articles on computational techniques in chemical engineering try “Wayburn, T. L.” or “T. L. Wayburn”.  With one or two exceptions, to find my essays on political economy one must come to this website.

Model Railroad Photos:  http://dematerialism.net/railroad.htm

Thomas L Wayburn, PhD in Chemical Engineering

Houston, Texas