Cover Letter for On the Preservation of Species

Dear Editor,

Today, the explosion of population and rapid exhaustion of natural resources, especially so-called fossil fuel, and most particularly petroleum, are the two factors driving all rational thought in economics and politics.  The inefficiencies inherent in competition for wealth, power, and fame, which consume nearly 90% of all human economic activity, are no longer affordable.  To prevent the introduction of draconian totalitarian systems of government in the wake of changes driven by natural phenomena, we must encourage what some people call libertarianism.  I call it rational anarchy to distinguish it from the libertarian capitalism, a contradiction in terms, advocated by the Libertarian Party.

This is explained by me, Thomas L. Wayburn, in a book posted on the Internet at  I finished the first draft around 1994 and submitted it for publication to no one.  This strikes me as wrong.  Either (1) the book is important and should be placed before the public to be thought about or to be ignored or (2) it is not important, in which case it should not be published and I have done no harm in collecting and organizing my thoughts for my own amusement.

Therefore, I submit this book to your inspection in opposition to more than fifty years of vicious anti-communist propaganda at home and illegal and immoral direct action abroad.  If you are interested, please understand that the book can be tightened considerably by deleting all of the juvenile expressions, chitchat, bad jokes, and personal remarks to personal editors.  (If the book is selected for publication, I intend to do whatever the editor requests provided that the meaning and intent be not altered.) 

Should this book be published?

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